Lewis Robert Trinder

b. 1921, d. 18 Nov 2001
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      Lewis Robert Trinder was born in 1921 in Stroud, New South Wales, a son of Robert A. and Lilian J.E. Trinder.

Lewis Robert Trinder married Daphne Mary Meldrum, daughter of Jack Pearson Meldrum and Annie Henrietta Carle, in 1942 in Hamilton, New South Wales.
He and Daphne Mary Trinder were divorced.

Lewis Robert Trinder died on 18 Nov 2001.

William McNeill

b. about 1830
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      William McNeill was born about 1830.

William McNeill married Sophia McMullen, daughter of George Wattus and Mary Boots, on 6 Jun 1878 in Narrabri, New South Wales, and the brides' given name was recorded as Sophy.

George Herbert Auliff

b. 31 Oct 1911, d. 24 May 2004
Father*Herbert Trevor Auliff b. 12 Jan 1882, d. 22 Mar 1917
Mother*Ellen Smith b. 27 Jan 1879, d. 31 Dec 1944
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      George Herbert Auliff was born on 31 Oct 1911 in Bangalow, New South Wales.

George Herbert Auliff married Frances Belinda Catherine Heaton in 1952 in Liverpool, New South Wales.

George Herbert Auliff died on 24 May 2004 at the age of 92.

Winnifred Elizabeth Drewe

b. 1907
      Winnifred Elizabeth Drewe was born in 1907 in Lithgow, New South Wales, a daughter of Stanley C. and Winnifred S. Drewe (NOTconfirmed as the person who married Ivan Auliff.)
Winnifred Elizabeth Drewe was also reported as having been born in 1914. Winnifred Elizabeth Drewe was also known as Betty Winnifred.

Maxwell Stuart Christensen

b. 1918, d. 31 Aug 2008
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      Maxwell Stuart Christensen was born in 1918 in Parramatta, New South Wales, a son of Christen and Nellie Christensen.

Maxwell Stuart Christensen married Marjorie Yvonne Auliff, daughter of Edgar Thomas George Auliff and Vera Pearl Fairhall, in 1944 (Anecdotal - from family sources - official record not yet located.)
He and Marjorie Yvonne Christensen were divorced.

Maxwell Stuart Christensen died on 31 Aug 2008 at the District Hospital in Manly, New South Wales.

George William Sladen

b. 1891, d. 1964
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      George William Sladen was born in 1891 in Ballina, New South Wales, a son of George and Emily Sladen.

George William Sladen married Dorothy Auliff, daughter of Thomas Auliff and Mary Priddle, on 24 Mar 1928 in Brisbane, Queensland.

George William Sladen died in 1964 in Queensland.