Please read this Privacy Statement before you begin your exploration of one of these families or the family history resources, so you will understand the changes I have made for this and subsequent updates.

Over the time I have been researching my family, and associated families, there has been a growing concern that too much personal information is accessible in the public arena, including the internet. The increasing sophistication of search engines has made more and more of these details available to anyone with the time to do a bit of searching.

On my web site, for many years, I only included the name and family link of persons known, or believed, to still be living. Then, on request, I excluded even the name of over 600 family members appearing on my web site. After some careful consideration, I decided I must do something more, and so I removed living persons completely from my home pages. This means the "family tree" is incomplete, and some families appear disjointed because of the death of some members. It would also mean living persons couldn't locate themselves on the family tree. However, it would searchers are still find the remaining people utilising an internet search engine.

Here on this site, family information, including more detailed data, is available for sharing with family members and with genuine family researchers. I ask that you respect the fact that it is not for sharing in the public domain. It contains copies of personal photographs, certificates and more that could lead to breaches of personal privacy or identity theft in the wrong hands.

I welcome updates of new births, marriages and deaths to members of this family. I have relied on the knowledge and support of many people in pursuing this hobby, but none of us is perfect, so corrections are also welcomed. My email address is displayed on my Home Page and can also be accessed by clicking on my name at the foot of this page and other pages.