Eliza Merrills Evenden

b. 13 Mar 1811
Father*Robert Evenden Merrills b. 11 Apr 1783, d. about 1860
Mother*Sarah Tilman b. 25 Apr 1790, d. 26 Feb 1864
ChartsEVENDEN: Robert -Family and Descendants
     Eliza Merrills Evenden was baptised on 13 Mar 1811 at the Parish Church of St Mary in Rye, East Sussex.

Elizabeth Lane

b. 1890, d. 1892
Father*William Sawle Lane b. 1864, d. 1933
Mother*Mary Anne Sams b. about 1865, d. 1943
      Elizabeth Lane was born in 1890 in Waterloo, New South Wales.

Elizabeth Lane died in 1892 in Waterloo, New South Wales.

Robert Rickerby

b. about 1820
      Robert Rickerby was born about 1820.

Robert Rickerby married Caroline Chandler, daughter of Henry Chandler and Ann Austen, about 1845.

Henry Chandler

b. about 1795
      Henry Chandler was born about 1795.

Henry Chandler married Ann Austen.
Henry was a Sailor.


Ann Austen b. about 1800

Ann Austen

b. about 1800
      Ann Austen was born about 1800.

Ann Austen married Henry Chandler.


Henry Chandler b. about 1795

Rosena Ellen Delma Shoesmith

b. 24 Aug 1834, d. 9 Dec 1875
Father*William Shoesmith b. 29 Apr 1807, d. 1891
Mother*Harriet Drury b. 3 Nov 1811, d. 4 Feb 1869
ChartsGILL: William -Family and Descendants
     Rosena Ellen Delma Shoesmith was baptised on 24 Aug 1834 in Sussex. Rosena Ellen Delma Shoesmith was also known as Rosanna.

Rosena Ellen Delma Shoesmith married William Gill, son of William Gill and Susannah Creed, on 6 Jul 1852 at the Church of England Parish in Black Creek, Bulwarra; Clifden; Hinton; Morpeth; Maitland; Hunter, New South Wales, (Family Search records the marriage date as 5 Jan 1852, at Morpeth.)

Rosena Ellen Delma Gill died on 9 Dec 1875 in Jones Island, New South Wales, at the age of 41.
She was buried at the General Cemetery in Mitchells Island, New South Wales, in a grave shared with her husband, William.


William Gill b. 6 Dec 1822, d. 1 Mar 1897