Arthur Hedley Petts

b. 1909, d. 7 Jul 1974
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      Arthur Hedley Petts was born in 1909 in Urana, New South Wales, a son of William J. and Lily Petts.

Arthur Hedley Petts married Muriel Grace Sheather, daughter of Henry Thomas Sheather and Edith May Thompson, on 25 Jun 1931 at St Matthew's Church of England in Albury, New South Wales.

Arthur Hedley Petts died on 7 Jul 1974 in Albury, New South Wales.

Laurel June McKay

b. 16 Apr 1932, d. 11 Jul 2000
Father*John Harold McKay b. 26 Apr 1894, d. 28 Feb 1934
Mother*Lillian Gladys Redman b. 19 Oct 1910, d. 8 Nov 1981
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      Laurel June McKay was born on 16 Apr 1932 in Taree, New South Wales.

Laurel June Cavill died on 11 Jul 2000 in New South Wales at the age of 68.

Rowland Albert Smith

b. about 1870, d. 1931
      Rowland Albert Smith was born about 1870 a son of John and Catherine (Jones) Smith.

Rowland Albert Smith married Lucy Elliott on 25 May 1903 in Blackall, Queensland.

Rowland Albert Smith died in 1931 in Blackall, Queensland.

George Whatson

b. 7 Nov 1830, d. 6 Aug 1897
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      George Whatson was born on 7 Nov 1830 in Guestling, East Sussex, a son of Jeremiah and Mercy (Padgham) Whatson. He was baptised on 12 Dec 1830 in Guestling, East Sussex.

George Whatson immigrated on 1 Apr 1839 to London with his parents as an Assisted Immigrant on board the "Argyle", having departed from Plymouth on 12 Dec 1838.

George Whatson married Miriam Gill, daughter of William Gill and Susannah Creed, on 14 May 1851 in Woodville, New South Wales.

George Whatson died on 6 Aug 1897 in Ghinni Ghinni, New South Wales, at the age of 66.

Edmund Annis-Brown

b. 1883, d. 1931
Father*Edmund L. Brown b. 1830
Mother*Elizabeth Wilson b. about 1840
      Edmund Annis-Brown was born in 1883 in Manilla, New South Wales.

Edmund Annis-Brown died in 1931 in Sydney, New South Wales.