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This person migrated from their place of birth to live elsewhere
Male Person
A male person
Female Person
A female person
Sex Unknown
The person's sex is not known
Portrait Available
There is a primary photo of this person - usually a portrait
Information available
There is further information available for this place etc.
Killed in Action
This person was Killed in Action
End Main Branch
This person is at the limit of current research/knowledge of this branch
Click this icon to view a document (usually in rich text format .RTF)
PDF File
Click this icon to view a .PDF (Adobe) document
Photo or Image
Click this icon for a photograph or some other type of image
Pedigree Chart
A Pedigree Chart - shows this person's ancestors
Descendancy Chart
A Descendancy Chart - shows this person's descendants
Sound File
A sound file - click to play it
AudioVisual File
A movie file or another type of audiovisual